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½ Shrimp and ½ Oyster Loaf

The 1/2 Shrimp and 1/2 Oyster Loaf was my mother’s all-time favorite thing to eat at the original Lulu’s. “Because how could you ever decide between a fried shrimp and a fried oyster sandwich?”

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Gulf Classic Scamp

Growing up Catholic my family always practiced ‘Fish on Fridays’ during Lent. One place that my folks used to take us to dinner on Fridays was a beloved Mobile, Alabama …

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Crawfish Cornbread Casserole

Crawfish cornbread is a Louisiana dish resembling a southern spoon bread, but features that exotic New Orleans ingredient, crawfish. Fresh water shellfish born in the bayous of Louisiana, crawfish were until recently, impossible to enjoy unless you traveled there. These days, crawfish meat exported from Louisiana is available frozen in

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Pimento Burger with Fried Green Tomatoes

When I wanted to create a memorable signature burger for LuLu’s, I turned to a homemade cheese dip that I serve at home when I have company. Pimento cheese is a Southern food staple; I make mine with a touch of honey ale that gives it a little tang (My

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White Bean Turkey Chili

There couldn’t be a more perfect meal for when temperatures drop and families start gathering. This White Bean Turkey Chili warms up my spirits and feels good for the soul. Let me know if you try it in your kitchen!  Gumbo Love, Lucy White Bean Turkey Chili Serves 8 2

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